Word press logo on black and white back ground
Word press logo on black and white back ground
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The Case for WordPress as a Content Management System

There are many Content Management Systems (CMS) out there, like Joomla and Drupal, all of which have pros and cons. However, we’ve found WordPress to be the most robust, flexible, and seamless of the CMS’s for our small and mid-sized customers. Here’s a breakdown of the key points on why.


A large portion of all websites on the internet are powered by WordPress – an estimated 30 – 39%, which is an enormous user base. Marketing managers can benefit from this popularity. The large volume of WordPress themes and plugins constantly being developed provides options for its users. If there’s a feature that a client wants on their website, chances are there’s a pre-existing theme or plugin that can satisfy the request. Because themes and plugins are pre-built, WordPress project development time and costs are considerably reduced when compared to other CMS’s and traditional website development methods.

User Support

Because WordPress is a very popular and widely-used open-source software, there is a large community behind it to help you every step of the way. There is a network of tutorials, forums, and courses for any roadblocks you might run into or questions you may have. The WordPress Support team is also superb and strives to provide its subscribers with superior customer service.

Easy to Manage and Customize

A large part of WordPress’s easy usability stems from its extensive selection of themes and plugins and its ability to seamlessly integrate with them. WordPress integrates well with thousands of templates. There are themes for a variety of website types, including online shopping and ecommerce platforms, blogs, portfolios, or business pages. Themes act as the so-called ‘bones’ of your website, the foundation that ties it all together. Similarly, as your website evolves and requires additions or changes, new plugins can be integrated to expand certain functionalities you may not have had without them. For example, you may want to add a live chat feature to your site. There are a variety of live chat plugins you can add to take your customer service to the next level and make your website more robust. Themes and plugins make web content management simple and efficient.

SEO Compatible

The backend coding behind WordPress is inherently SEO-friendly, causing sites built through WordPress to have an advantage in Google rankings. It also has the ability to automatically create tags and meta descriptions, which is a good thing from an efficiency standpoint. Finally, there are a variety of plugins like Yoast that provide suggestions, access to keyword lists, and management and update modules so that you can keep close tabs on how your website is performing in terms of organic SEO.

Safe and Secure

A company’s website is the center of their digital presence and is therefore a valuable asset that must be protected. WordPress has a sophisticated set of security plugins that can be utilized according to how tightly secure you want your website to be. WordPress also offers SSL certificate enablement, which is an extra layer of encryption for your website. Additionally, secure server environments such as WordPressEngine have been built to exclusively serve and support WordPress websites.

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